We offer a variety of classes for any experience level from beginner to advanced. Each class is professionally coached through a group warm-up, briefing of the workout, demo/practice/review with the class and overall refinement of your movement during the workouts. You are not left to figure things out on your own.

Our classes include: 6 Week New You Challenge, HIIT Fit, Crossfit, Olympic Weightlifting. We also offer open gym hours as well.


The biggest factor that influences your fitness results is your nutrition. We're here to set the record straight amid all the conflicting information out there. Our gym culture fosters nutrition education alongside the opportunity to measure body composition changes on our medical grade InBody scanner. All members receive the opportunity to meet with their primary coach for nutrition services, as well.

In addition, we offer seminars, challenges, personal nutrition planning and accountability.


Our members are what make The Athlete Lab truly outstanding. The community is full of people ready to help, share knowledge, work hard, and have a blast while doing it. New members are welcomed with open arms. All levels of fitness are respected in a judgement-free zone. Our social events, annual challenges, cook-outs, seminars (and more!) are great opportunities to make new friends and continue surrounding yourself with motivated people who want to bring out the best in you.

Personal Coaches

Our coaching staff is made up of only the best people we know. Each member is assigned a primary coach to give a more personalized approach to your gym experience. Your primary coach is there to set goals with you, give nutrition consults, track your body composition, help with membership questions and much more. Our coaches care about you and your health while improving upon their own education and expertise through continuing education every year. We are here to help you every step of the way.  

Your body composition truly tells us what you’re made out of. Do you have too much body fat mass or not enough lean body mass? Unless you obtain medically validated data, you are left to guess. This is where our InBody scan makes all the difference. For our members, the use of the InBody scanner is included, depending on the level of membership. For non-members, each InBody profile is $149 including nutritional consultation.