Olympic Weightlifting is one of the most iconic sports, with its earliest known recordings found in Egypt, China, and ancient Greece. Today, the modern sport of weightlifting traces its origins to the European competitions of the 19th century. “The Athlete Lab Barbell Club” is an officially registered “USAW” club. Our coaches are USAW certified and some of our athletes compete on local, regional and national levels.

“OLY” as it is mostly nicknamed, is truly for everyone. Disciplined technique comes before weight and only when technical elements, range of motion, balance and mental fortitude are mastered, will an athlete reach their full potential in weightlifting. In that sense, oly truly does not discriminate by age, condition or ability, but challenges everyone to become their best selves in the process. We have seen teenagers step up to the barbell, just as we have coached 70-year old athletes.

The secret behind Oly? Lifting the maximum weight is definitely an accomplishment, but the power of weightlifting lies in the grace and technical perfection of its movements. Increasing the load comes over time, and is duly *just* a side effect of this beautiful sport!

If you are an experienced Oly athlete, and you want to join us, we’ll take you through a ‘check-ride’ with one of our coaches. If you’re thinking of embarking on your fitness journey into this powerful sport, we’ll take you through 3 private training sessions in order to teach the fundamentals, assess mobility and range of motion, and give you a solid start to this amazing sport. Your first step is to book a free intro and a head coach will point you in the right direction!